okay i dont get it - i leave the blog, followers become more and more active. + WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THE “i moved” post, god dammit.

omg, i have like 20 new followers, thank you!! i will just ask you to follow my other blog, where i moved, its pretty much the same. 


here. so please follow to get a follow back (if i like you)

jayyys-tinytown asked:
hi, do you mind to check out my blog? ;)

of course, beautiful. :’3 you’re blog is awesome. by the way, i’m only posting on my main blog now, so if you like it please follow and yeah. (im following you by its name |toochanelforyou| cuz as i said its my main blog) :)


"Northern Wind" by City and Colour. An anonymous request.

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